Visit the boat yards ebay store using the following link_

Are you trying to sell your boat? The Boat Yard will sell your boat for you! We have complete brokerage services available so you don’t have to hassle with the phone calls or newspaper ads. With our great location just minutes from the Fox Chain and excellent customer flow, you can rest assured that your boat will recieve optimal attention.

Want to upgrade to a nicer newer model? Don’t want to deal with trying to sell your current boat? If you find a boat that you would like to purchase from us, we will give you top dollar for your used watercraft towards your purchase. However, vessels that are being brokered for another party may not be elligible for trade-in on purchase. Call us for details.

The Boat Yard will buy your boat for cash! Whether you need extra money or you just want something different, we are here to help. Call us for for more info.